ANZIC Marine Geoscience Masterclass: Southeast Queensland

Embark on an extraordinary intellectual journey with our ANZIC Marine Geoscience Masterclass

An Ocean Decade event as part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

15-25 January, 2024. 
Exceptional students from around the globe will take part in an eye-opening, 10 day adventure.
In Part 1, choose-your-own-adventure through uncharted territories aligned with the visionary themes of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) 2050 Science Framework. There will be a series of guest lectures from internationally renowned researchers, and workshops to integrate theory with practical skills for real world applications in marine geosciences.

Part 2 takes you to the Heron Island Research Station in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. You will get field skills in a dynamic learning environment unravelling the secrets of modern reef systems through captivating activities, hands-on labs, and enlightening talks by experts.

Part 1: Choose Your Learning Adventure in Marine Geoscience

In small groups you will undertake a series of workshops at the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology around an IODP theme:

  • Ground Truthing Future Climate Change,
  • Assessing Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards
  • Exploring Life and Its Origins
  • Diagnosing Ocean Health
  • Probing the Deep Earth

>> More about the IODP themes.

A range of workshops will delve into different facets of Earth science and exploration and provide insights into the latest advances in a range of fields including geochemistry, geophysical modelling, micropaleontology and more. Led by renowned experts, these workshops promise an unforgettable experience, which will fuel your curiosity and nurture your scientific passion.

So choose your adventure, and get ready to navigate the captivating landscape of Earth science and exploration!

Part 2: Fieldtrip to Heron Reef –
Modern Biology with Ancient Beginnings

Part 2 of our ANZIC Marine Geoscience Masterclass will be the experience of a lifetime at Heron Island Research Station on the Great Barrier Reef. Engage with research and teaching collections from academic hosts, immersing yourself in this spectacular world heritage environment.

You will dive into modern reef systems through captivating activities like reef walks, snorkelling, surveys, exploring a range of tropical carbonate ecosystems, unravelling geomicrobiology secrets, hands-on lab work, small AUV robotics, and enlightening talks linking this modern reef system to recent IODP expeditions which study past changes in coral reef ecosystems and climate change.

Dr Catherine Kim researching her PhD on coral reefs.

Engaging sessions will delve into subjects like the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), indigenous knowledge, Halimeda Bioherms, Dorothy Hill’s legacy, and the impacts of past climate and sea level change on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.


Your journey starts now – where will your curiosity lead you?


All the details

We’ve put together some information packs with all the details applicants and participants will need, covering everything from the course, schedule, accomodation and transport to sightseeing and swimming abilities! 

Information pack (members) – for students from Member Institutes (see more about our members).

Information pack (non-members) –  for students from non-Member Institutes.


Applications are now closed

Congratulations to the successful attendees – we will see you in Queensland!