Australian & New Zealand IODP Consortium

ANZIC is the Australian & New Zealand International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Consortium, part of an international marine research collaboration harnessing state-of-the-art scientific ocean drilling to explore the Earth under the sea.


ANZIC facilitates the involvement of researchers from diverse fields in IODP science, with career-defining opportunities on offer for scientists at all career stages.


Access tailored education resources and opportunities to engage students and community groups with the exciting research taking place across IODP.


Connect with our thriving community, learn more about our expeditions and research, and explore the latest news, opportunities and events.


IODP is a long-running 21-nation collaboration that has transformed human understanding of our planet, enabling scientists to access data and samples of sediment, rock, fluids, and living organisms from below the seafloor.

ANZIC has facilitated the involvement in IODP science of many Australian and New Zealand scientists and educators at all career stages and across a wide range of scientific fields, offering career-defining opportunities to boost their research, skills, and international networks. 

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