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There’s always so much is happening across our ANZIC community – in our region and all around the world. Catch up with the latest news, events, and opportunities to explore, educate, engage in the world of IODP science.

Celebrating Oceanic Rediscoveries & Exploration of legacy scientific ocean drilling collections.

Learn what has been discovered by exploring – and re-exploring – sub-seafloor cores and samples, with the help of our AILAF legacy grants!

ICDP Australia Workshop

With Australian ICDP membership imminent, join us to kick-start Australia's participation in the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program!

ANZIC Annual Report 2021-2022

ANZIC overcame many challenges in 2021 and 2022 thrown up by COVID-19 and the passing of our friend and Director, Prof. Leanne Armand.
The stories of our community’s achievements during this time are showcased in this Report.

“I am proud of what ANZIC has achieved in connecting researchers to vital infrastructure and opportunities, as well as supporting and training the next generation of scientists,” says Dr Ron Hackney, ANZIC Director. “This ensures scientific drilling can continue to underpin a broad range of local research, revealing more about our planet and informing decisions for our future.”

“I invite you to read more in our 2021 &2022 Annual Report

Call for Outreach Officers: Expedition 405

JTRACK: Tracking Tsunamigenic Slip Across the Japan Trench. There is now an open call for Outreach Officers to take part in the expedition. Seek enthusiastic artists, videographers, teachers, media specialists, journalists, researchers…

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Future DEEP Final Report – detailing the priorities and opportunities that will take us into the future.

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