What secrets are hidden in the hundreds of kilometres of core collected over decades of international scientific drilling programs? 
ANZIC provides grants of up to $25,000 to researchers from member institutions to study previously collected ocean and land core samples and data to rapidly deliver research outputs. Opportunities extend to fields beyond traditional geosciences, including data science, mathematics, molecular and genetic analysis, and more.

AILAF Scheme

We regularly offer Legacy Analytical Funding (AILAF) Grants to researchers from our  Australian & New Zealand Member institutions to support the study of previously-collected drilling samples, cores and  data. 

Applications will soon be open for our 2024 AILAF Scheme.

Since 2012
ANZIC has awarded 110 AILAF Grants!

Totalling over $2M

Previously funded research projects:

2023 Funded projects in New Zealand

Read all about the four projects funded within Aotearoa New Zealand this year.

Tracking the travels of dust - could ocean cores hold the key?

University of Wollongong Researcher, Dr Sam Marx, investigates the transport of Australia's iconic desert dust, with help from deposits found in deep ocean cores thousands of kilometres away, and an AILAF Grant.

Other legacy funding schemes

Credit: Jennifer Field & IODP


Ocean Drilling Legacy Assets Projects (LEAPs) are a new type of project for international and interdisciplinary collaborations under the umbrella of the scientific ocean drilling programs.


The Repository Core Re-Discovery Program (ReCoRD) is a collaborative program between Kochi Core Center and J-DESC. It aims to create new results by reanalysing core samples, not by individuals or small groups, but by research teams similar to science parties on drilling expeditions

IODP data:

IODP data is available through a range of portals including:

IODP website
Site survey data bank
● Scientific Earth Drilling Information Service (SEDIS)
JR data
● Expedition data on Zenodo
● IODP-BCR Data Portal
Ocean Drilling Stratigraphic Network
Neptune Sandbox Berlin
Open Core Data – discovery tool for basic core data
Magnetics Information Consortium (paleomagnetics and rock magnetics)
EarthChem Portal – geochemistry data
ISGN – a sample registry including core samples

See IODP’s Sample, Data, and Obligations Policy and Implementation.

ICDP data:

ICDP data is available through ICDP Repositories.