Explore the core

Beneath the Earth’s surface lie records of 200 million years of Earth’s climatic, biological, chemical, and geological history – just waiting to be discovered. International scientific drilling programs enable scientists to access high-resolution data and samples sediment, rock, fluids, and living organisms that transform human understanding of our planet and address fundamental questions about Earth’s dynamic history, processes, and structure.

ANZIC facilitates the involvement of scientists and educators from across Australia and New Zealand in the world of scientific drilling, connecting them with career-defining opportunities to go deeper on their research, skills, and international networks. Our community is diverse, supporting and welcoming people of all career stages and backgrounds. Opportunities abound for researchers spanning a wide range of fields, from the full spectrum of the geosciences to microbiology, big data, and so much more.

Opportunities for scientists

Myra Keep onboard Exp 386

Apply to sail on an IODP Expedition

Participating in an IODP Expedition is the experience of a lifetime, working as part of an integrated science party onboard a specialised drilling vessel to recover, examine, and unlock millennia of secrets hidden in deep sea cores. ANZIC’s membership to the IODP consortium secures onboard opportunities for researchers from Australia and New Zealand on every IODP expedition, with additional opportunities for onshore participation and onboard outreach.


Access legacy materials and research funding projects

Over 462 kilometres of core from 55 years of scientific drilling is stored in core repositories around the world. ANZIC provides grants of up to $25,000 to researchers from member institutions for the study of previously collected ocean and land core samples and data and the rapid delivery of research outputs. This includes research extending beyond traditional geosciences into data science, mathematics, molecular and genetic analysis, and more.


Participate in international training opportunities

ANZIC members gain exclusive access to a wealth of training and development opportunities in the scientific drilling community in our region and around the world. This can also include funding and subsidies to attend international workshop programs and conferences, learning from and with a vibrant global community of scientists.


Write a drilling proposal for a new site

We’ve learned so much over the past 55 years, but this is just a fraction of what remains to be discovered. ANZIC supports researchers in member institutions to develop scientific drilling proposals in any ocean and can help connect them with collaborators. We also encourage Inter-Continental Drilling Program ideas.


Access samples

Researchers in ANZIC member institutions can access a vast bank of physical samples, stored in IODP repositories in Japan, the United States, and Germany. Subseafloor microbiological samples are also available on request, along with more than 20,000 microfossil samples held in a vast network of Micropaleontological Reference Centres around the world.


Access data

IODP maintains an integrated data and publications portal, the Scientific Earth Drilling Information System (SEDIS), which offers sophisticated search capabilities facilitating access to data and information related to scientific ocean drilling, regardless of the origin or location of the data. Member institutions can also access IODP’s comprehensive digital site survey data bank, and source shipboard data from scientific ocean drilling legs via the expedition’s Science Operator.



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