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Below is a collection of  resources to engage students, teachers, and the wider community with an amazing array of scientific drilling discoveries, as well as inspiring learning and enrichment opportunities for postgraduate and undergraduate students and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from a variety of fields. 


Students and ECRs from ANZIC member institutes gain exclusive access to a wealth of specialised training and development opportunities in scientific drilling  and related fields around the world. This can include funding to attend international workshop programs, Summer Schools and conferences to learn from and with a vibrant global community of scientists. 
Check back here regularly for current learning opportunities.

ANZIC-AU Marine Geoscience Postgrad Project Grants

Honours & postgraduate students!
Are you looking for funding to cover research, field work or conference attendance?
Have you found a new method you would like to apply to your samples?
Look no further!
ANZIC is excited to offer one-off Honours or Postgraduate grants of up to $10,000 each to support ongoing work as a part of, or in addition, to your thesis.
Sorry, applications are now closed.

ECORD Summer School

Explore sprea­ding ridges, con­ti­nen­tal mar­gins and ridge flanks to learn more about their mi­cro­bi­al ha­bi­tat, geo­dy­na­mics, sea­wa­ter cir­cu­la­ti­on, oce­an che­mis­try and cli­ma­te ­con­nec­tions.
From Ridges to Flanks to Margins: lithosphere dynamics and connections to global environmental changes runs Sept 2-13 at MARUM, Germany.

ECORD Summer School
Downhole Logging for IODP Science

This Summer School introduces the interpretation and application of downhole logs and physical property data with an IODP focus.
The hands-on course explores the unique insights these data bring to a range of fields, including paleoclimatology, sedimentology, hydrogeology, and broader geological and ecological processes.


55 years of scientific drilling has led to countless important discoveries, from proving plate tectonics to understanding meteorite impacts and mass extinctions; from discovering life deep beneath earth’s crust to revealing 65 million years of past climate history, or understanding geohazards like earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Below is a collection of resources to engage students, teachers, and the wider community with scientific drilling discoveries and inspire the next generation!

Artworks to colour

Dr. Deborah Tangunan - Artist and Research Fellow at Cardiff University - has created these fabulous colouring pages depicting the intricate world of microfossils and what they tell us about the Earth's history. The link takes you to Deborah's files.