From Naples to Amsterdam, 8-25 April, 2024.

Australian & New Zealand First Nations undergraduate students and mentors are off on an adventure of a lifetime, from which we all can learn.

ANZIC, in collaboration with the International Ocean Discovery Program’s U.S. Science Support Program, has invited First Nation’s students and mentors to set sail on the 2024 JR Academy aboard the JOIDES Resolution.

This year, the JR Academy is dedicated to bridging the gaps between Western and Indigenous sciences, benefiting First Nations Peoples. Students will immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of Earth and ocean science activities, complemented by hands-on experiences in science communication and career development.

Eight fabulous ANZIC candidates have now been selected to sail – ANZIC’s biggest ever contingent! 

Together, we believe they can shed light on a better way forward for scientific ocean drilling, incorporating rich knowledge, more respectful practices and sharing the benefits.

Five amazing undergraduates from Australia and New Zealand will live and work aboard the JOIDES Resolution, while learning about scientific ocean drilling, the exciting geoscience careers that surround it, and exploring ways to bridge Indigenous and Western sciences.

They are:
Madison Jane Anders (UTAS)
Pianina Diana Kahui-McConnell (NIWA)
Nicole Cloutier (UQ)
Rawinia Moana Wikaira (U Otago)
Alana Louise Dooley (Curtin University)

They’ll be joined, supported and guided by three outstanding ANZIC Mentors:

Assoc. Prof. Brad Moggridge, Kamilaroi water scientist at the University of Canberra. Brad’s achievements include extensive collaboration with Indigenous groups across Australia and New Zealand for an IPCC Report. He plans to write a paper with the mentors about the outcomes of the JR Academy. 

Ann-Maree June Long, an expert in supporting Indigenous students in academia, whose proposed outreach activity, ‘my story’, promises to be engaging and unique. 

Jesse-James Rehu Pickery is the designer of the GeoDiscoveryNZ logo. He plans to use geological time to bridge Mātauranga Māori and Western Science.


More information here.

ANZIC covers all travel and participation fees for both students and mentors.